Jacklyn Shapiro is a credit expert and advocate for consumers across the country. She specializes in educating families working to fulfill their dream of buying their first home, individuals interested in raising their credit scores or understanding how their credit actually works and assisting those individuals in finding solutions to their current credit issues.

Jacklyn started working with credit more than 15 years ago in the automotive industry and since that time she has been trained by some of the foremost credit experts in the country. She has been a guest on radio shows such as The Automotive Edge with Kurt Chase and The Real Talk with Willie Lambright. She has also been featured on Mike Citron’s national credit webinar series and Angie’s List.

Dedicating hundreds of hours to research current state, federal and consumer laws her passion is helping credit challenged consumers overcome the effects of our economical recession to help them bring financial stability back into their lives. Her commitment and innovation has provided positive results to hundreds of families and individuals across the country. If you are need of assistance with a current credit issue or would like to schedule an educational seminar to understand how credit actually works for your workplace, church or community group you can contact Ms. Shapiro at 214-662-0072.

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